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The systematic cleaning, disinfection and sterlisation of instruments in veterinary practices is a pre-requisite for protecting the health of both people and animals.

Protecting patients, users and third parties

Processing instruments in the Miele washer¬disinfector cleans and disinfects instruments in a closed system. With its fungicidal, bactericidal and virus-deactivating properties, thermal disinfection achieves the highest possible level of protection against the risk of infection. And it is for this reason that renowned institutes such as the Robert Koch Institute recommend machine processing in preference to manual processing of intruments in human medicine. It is only by using this process that the most essential criteria for professional instrument processing in veterinary surgeries are also fulfilled: safe and economical.
Conforming to the Medical Devices Directive

Miele is the innovative market leader when it comes to the processing of instruments in surgeries and clinics. Miele’s washer¬disinfectors ensure reproducible cleaning results and thermal disinfection in compliance with the provisions of international standard EN ISO 15883. The development and production of these machines are incorporated into Miele’s Quality Assurance Scheme, which in turn is in full compliance with DIN EN ISO 13485. These machines are certified as Class 2a medical products in accordance with 93/42/EWG, and carry the CE 0366 mark.

Everything you need

Miele offers everything you need for safe instrument processing in vets surgeries and animal hospitals. Every washer¬disinfector is installed and commissioned by a specialist service technician who has received intensive training as a medical product adviser, and who is able to explain the machine’s operation and functions comprehensively.